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Greg Mayer

SEE Instructor for “An Introduction into the World of Cybersecurity” and  “Advanced Cybersecurity”

Greg Mayer is a Cyber Engineer for Interclypse where he works alongside in house development teams to secure their DevOps environments. His skills in cybersecurity range from web exploitation, forensics, network security, and penetration testing and is an experienced Red Hat Linux user.

He is passionate about his own personal self development as well as helping others learn and develop their talents. In his pursuit to help other learn Greg has volunteer two years teaching in the eastern region of Sao Paulo, Brazil in addition to helping other candidates at Execero’s working groups.

Greg is currently a student at UMBC pursuing his Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and is an actively involved member of UMBC’s Cyber Defense Team (Cyber Dawgs). As part of the Cyber Defense Team Greg has competed in several cybersecurity competitions as an individual and as part of a team.