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Dr. Tomoko Hoogenboom

UMBC Asian Studies Lecturer

SEE Instructor for “Japanese Anime and Culture”

Tomoko Hoogenboom is a Japanese lecturer at MLLI (Modern Languages, Linguistics and Intercultural Communication), UMBC. She teaches upper level language, Japanese Film, and Food Culture courses. She received a Ph.D. in Japanese and Linguistics from University of Minnesota. Her teaching career started more than 20-years ago including several liberal arts colleges in MN and the University of Minnesota before the big move to join UMBC in 2013. She also has volunteered to introduce Japanese language and the culture to K-12 students using hand-on activities such as songs, origami and calligraphy.
Besides academia, Tomoko is a certified administrative official for MD swimming. She works with a group of people to run a timing system and record swimmers times correctly.  She enjoys outdoor activities (jogging, hiking and yard works) as well as indoor activities (reading, watching films and sleeping).

Tomoko is enjoying teaching as well as learning from her students. The students’ questions keep her brain sharp and make her think about her instruction from a different perspective. She is eager to help students develop critical thinking on a specific topic from early level.